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DAATDrug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)
DAATDrug and Alcohol Team (UK)
DAATDevon Air Ambulance Trust (UK)
DAATDefense and Arrest Tactics
DAATD-Amino Acid Transaminase
DAATDeep Abdominal Adipose Tissue (body fat)
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(6) Hokhmah (wisdom) corresponds to the right side of the brain; binah (understanding) to the left side of the brain; and daat (knowing) to the medulla oblongata, the brain stem.
Ten have been referred to DAAT, two were taken home and a boy was taken into police care until a suitable arrangement could be made for his release into the care of an appropriate adult.
(6.) See for example Daat Mikra, Koren, and Artscroll editions.
A Northumberland DAAT spokesman said: "A comprehensive harm reduction strategy is in place, which has been commended by the National Treatment Agency North East Regional Office, and a drugrelated death working group has been established locally."
Important messages about cocaine misuse will feature in a new anti-drugs campaign being spearheaded by Wirral Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) from this week.
HERE are a selection of tips from the What's your poison: pub, club and party guide, which has been produced with funding from NHS Warwickshire (Nuneaton and Bedworth Health Improvement and Well-Being Group) and the Warwickshire DAAT: Avoid going out alone - carry a personal attack alarm.
Kathy Doran, chief executive of Wirral PCT, and chairman of Wirral's Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT), added: "Wirral's Alcohol Screening and Intervention Programme is already seeing some dramatic results."
According to this understanding, the ramachim are the riders who "raise their hands and strike the horses to make them run." (18) This is one of the interpretations in the Daat Mikra commentary of Mossad Harav Kook, where it is noted that the vowels of ramachim can indicate that this word refers to the rider of a ramach rather than to the ramach itself.
Gary's Friends, by Adrian Clarke, has been produced with help from the County Durham Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) along with personal stories and pictures from the area.
For further information contact Iqubal Birdi at Sandwell DAAT on 0845 002 0037.
Another project is Daat, which encompasses some 400,000 articles and essays on various Jewish topics (www.daat.ac.il).