DAAVDayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
DAAVDirect-Acting Anti-Viral (disease therapy)
DAAVDual Action Anthrax Vaccine
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Democratic campaigns provide DAAV, which became an arm of the Virginia Democratic Party in 2013, with lists of eligible Asian American voters.
Northern Virginia, where DAAV focuses its efforts, has a substantial number of older voters with limited English proficiency.
Real estate diagnostic missions carried out in buildings for main use of housing and premises for professional and associative use on the heritage of mht: - asbestos diagnoses (raat, dapp and daav), - diagnostics of the internal electrical installation at relocation (alur law), - diagnostics of the indoor gas installation at relocation (alur law), - energy performance diagnostics for relocation and after rehabilitation, identification and diagnostic work on materials and products containing lead.