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DABDigital Audio Broadcasting
DABDaba (SIL code, Cameroon)
DABDepartmental Appeals Board
DABDisambiguation (Wikimedia Foundation editing policy)
DABDefense Acquisition Board
DABDriver Airbag
DABDual Airbag
DABDead and Buried
DABDisabilities Advisory Board (West Hollywood, CA)
DABDeutsches Arzneibuch (medicine)
DABDictionary of American Biography
DABDistributeur Automatique de Billets (French: Automatic Bill Dispenser)
DABDouble Accident Benefit (insurance)
DABDeaf and Blind
DABDemocratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (political party, Hong Kong SAR, China)
DABDevelopment Appeal Board (Canada)
DABDispute Adjudication Board
DABDemocratic Alliance of Burma
DABDevelopment Advisory Board
DABDerbyshire Association for the Blind
DABData Acquisition Board
DABDriver Air Bag
DABDisk Access Buffer
DABDaytona Beach, FL, USA - Daytona Beach International Airport (Airport Code)
DABDiaminobenzidinetetrahydrochloride (peroxidase substrate)
DABDommages Aux Biens (French: Property Damage; Insurance)
DABDortmunder Aktienbrauerei (German Beer)
DABDelayed Action Bomb (band)
DABDefense Advisory Board
DABDienstabschlussbier (German)
DABDemocrats Abroad Belgium
DABData Acquisition Bus
DABDirekt Anlage Bank, Germany
DABDipole Adapted Basis
DABDynamically Allocable Bandwidth
DABDirector of Army Budget
DABDisplay Attention Bits
DABDirector's Advisory Board (various organizations)
DABDiscoveries and Believers (band)
DABDeutsches Apothekerbuch
DABDisposition & Adjustment Board
DABDestroyer Advisory Board (US Navy)
DABDirectory Address Buffer
DABDispositif Auto-Bloquant (French: Auto-Blocking Device; nuclear energy industry)
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David Duffy, Director, Niocast Digital, who run Manchesters small-scale DAB multiplex, said: Niocast welcomes the small-scale DAB consultation as an important next step in the development of digital radio across the UK.
Connect, a technology soon to be launched for the remote control of systems fitted with DAB electronics, and which will soon be integrated in their latest generation products, said the statement.
Mediations are often conducted in a single day, statutory adjudication in the UK requires a decision within 28 days and a DAB is required to render a decision within 84 days.
Steve Aldred was runnerup with 11 flounder, three turbot and two dabs for 316cm (2lb 13.
Listening to a lot of sport whilst driving, a DAB radio gives the choice of up to five stations with live commentaries, FM only one.
The Council has reaffirmed that its decision will not take legal effect until Parliament approves the MFF, and both DAB 8 and DAB 9 have to be endorsed as a package.
Though there has been slow penetration of digital audio broadcasting radios across the car market, CAP believes BMW's move is a shot in the arm for DAB take-up in the UK.
There are no fancy features, such as live rewind but this fills a gaping hole in the portable DAB market.
Given that DAB is broadcast from low-power local transmitters, separate from the primary masts, is it any wonder that DAB signals fade in and out, and that DAB in cars is an unmitigated disaster?
The UK has been successful in DAB partly because of the strong listening habit of the public.
Uncle Wom warns Jeremy about the Mischief Makers, ape-like birds controlled by an evil tyrant named Dab (bad spelled backwards), who would love nothing more than to escape Cartoon Land and take over the world.
The granted patent covers two or more dAbs linked to one another, where at least one dAb binds to serum albumin.