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DABBDisability Action in the Borough of Barnet (UK)
DABBDallas Area Browns Backers (Texas)
DABBDiamond Abrasive Boring Bar (Sidley Diamond Tool Company)
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Based on an extensive review of existing literature and recordings, combined with learning from contemporary speakers including Yibiyung Roma Winmar, Iris Woods, Henry Dabb and Len Collard, plus senior Wirlomin Noongar Elder Hazel Brown, who is also familiar with some archaic vocabulary.
Edith Manville Dabb (1873-1969) grew up a tomboy and intrepid horsewoman in Colorado.
Her senior essay attracted the attention of several prominent white women: one a local representative from the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the other, Edith Manville Dabb, director of the Indian Department of the National Board of the YWCA since 1909.
Jamie Kimpton and Phil Dabb (Bromborough) won the am-am with 45, three points clear of the Huyton and Prescot pairing of Terry O'Hara and Ray Kenny.
Plumlee was still holding court last week, Dabb said.
Jamil first encountered Maudelynne Arnot Dabb at the Eudora Welty Library where she was shelving books and where he was researching ways to blow up dams and poison water systems.
Rob Dabb, a childhood friend and 50-year-old Keays's new singing partner, adds: "After her divorce Verity's self-confidence was just zilch.
2] CABBAGED = DABB (web2)--a large spiny-tailed lizard) + CAGE
Dabb the cut face of the potato onto the sponge, then press it firmly onto the fabric at the top, left corner.
Doris ``Dotty'' Dabb was born on June 22, 1913, in Elizabeth, N.
They said power remained suspended to Saratkhel, Dabb, Isak Chountra, Sangeni, Ghundi Mir Khankhel and other small hamlets of Chountra for the last two days without any reason.
com/2017/06/20/superantural-spinoff-wayward-sisters-kim-rhodes-the-cw/) TV Line reported that "Wayward Sisters" is being helmed by the writers and producers of "Supernatural," namely, Andrew Dabb, Robert Berens, Robert Singer and Phil Sgriccia.