DABCDepartment of Alcoholic Beverage Control (state government)
DABCDelaware Avenue Baptist Church (Buffalo, NY)
DABCDenver Asset Building Coalition (Colorado)
DABCData Acquisition Backbone Core (software framework)
DABCDivision of Alcoholic Beverage Control (various states)
DABCDutch American Bulldog Club (Netherlands)
DABCDenturist Association of British Columbia (Canada)
DABCDispersive Absorbing Boundary Condition
DABCDiplomate of the American Board of Criminalistics (American Board of Criminalistics, Inc.)
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Despite the initial challenges, consensus among DABC senior leadership is that the new system is currently functioning very well.
I have heard from quite a few licensees [restaurants] that a patron may order one drink while reviewing the menu but no second drink will be served without an order of food;' wrote DABC compliance officer Nina McDermott in a memo.
This allows the DABC to hold up to 338,000 more cases at full capacity.
The successful Beta partnership with Utah DABC in their upgrade to Version 9.
The proposed DABC algorithm is then presented as a simple and effective method for the TFT criterion case in Section 3.
Finally, the Commission and the DABC require that all documents related to the transaction, including all details of the transaction, be submitted for their review.
1) You cannot charge guests for the bar service unless you have obtained a single-use permit from the DABC.
In addition to signing statewide compliance checks into law, the Utah DABC contracted with an external advertising and communications firm in 2006 to create Parents Empowered, a statewide initiative targeting parents as primary influencers in their children's decisions of whether to participate in underage drinking.
The DABC wanted to be able to accept debit cards, for example, which, while standard today, were not on the radar when the old system was put into place ten years ago.
There was kind of a controversial issue that arose in the last few weeks with the DABC and the way they had started to interpret one of the regulations.
In fact, local police quickly learned about the DABC camera systems, which were upgraded in all 336 stores in 2010.