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DABCODiplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics
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Keywords: Three-component reaction, Environmental friendliness reaction, DABCO, Spiropyran, Spirooxindole
The preparations were directly stained with DAPI in DABCO, analyzed under a Zeiss Axioplan 2 microscope, and documented using an Olympus CCD monochrome camera XM10 (Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).
Baylis-Hillman adducts of catalytic hydrogenation reactions [11], pyrazole carbaldehydes under the influence of DABCO [12], aprotic polar solvents [13],
Despues de un bano final en PBS (3 x 10 minutos los cubreobjetos fueron montados sobre DABCO (trietilendiamina) disuelto en PBS y sellados con esmalte transparente para unas.
Key words: Multicomponent, DABCO, Tetrahydrochromene, Dihydropyran, Spirocyclic 2-oxindole, Catalyst.
Dibutyltin dilaurate DABCO 120[R] from Air Products (Allentown, PA) was used as the catalyst for chain extension reactions.
The Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Federation of Chiropractic Regulatory Boards, Clinical Practice Guidelines Development Initiative (The CCA*CFCRB-CPG), Guidelines Development Committee (GDC) comprising: Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock, BSc, DC (Barrie, ON); Roland Bryans, BA, DC, Co chair (Clarenville, NL); Normand Danis, DC, Co-chair (Montreal, QC); Andrea Furlan, MD (Evidence-Based Practice Co-ordinator, Institute for Work & Health, Toronto, ON); Henri Marcoux, DC, DABCO, FCCS(C), FCCO(C) (Winnipeg, MB); Brock Potter, BSc, DC (North Vancouver, BC); Rick Ruegg, BSc, PhD, DC (Associate Dean, Clinical Education, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College [CMCC], Toronto, ON); Eleanor White, MSc, DC (Markham, ON).
Dr Henri Marcoux DC, FCCS(C), DABCO, Dr Richard Dussault DC, and Dr Sylvain Boisvert DC provided translation.
Coverslips were again washed three times in PBS and then mounted in PBS in glycerol with DABCO as an anti-bleaching agent.
Dichiorofluoroethane (AlliedSignal, Genetron 141b) and water served as two blowing agents, quaternary ammonium carboxylates (AlliedSignal, DABCO TMR) and 1,4 Diazabicyclo [2,2,2] octane (AlliedSignal, DABCO 33LV) as two catalysts.