DABIADiagnóstico Ambiental de Bajo Impacto (Guatemala)
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The company now intends on further developing its Dabia South property in Mali and will also focus its efforts on acquiring gold and base metal exploration and development opportunities in eastern Canada.
During the construction, Babani had flown musicians out to Dabia to entertain him continuously, sometimes keeping them there for months at a time.
Another source confided to the author: "There was a problem after the Dabia project.
Eyre succeeds in obtaining a long, rambling interview with Djelimady's patron after the millionaire's return to his Dabia mansion.
And late last year, Air Dabia applied to the Department Of Transport for permission to fly between Banjul in The Gambia and Britain.
A Department of Transport spokeswoman confirmed Air Dabia had applied to fly into Britain.
We aim to cover all subjects in the future," Dabia said.
Haya and Dabia said that their vision is to "educate, nurture and commit".
Haya and Dabia said that their vision was "Educate, Nurture, Commit".
Sited about 300 km to the west of Bamako, the countrys capital, the license is easily accessible through the recently rebuilt international highway that connects Bamako to Dakar on the Atlantic coast in Senegal and passes through the Village of Dabia, a few kilometres to the northeast of the license.