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* 147 cases with increasing ABP (42%); the mean dABP increased in 69 cases, among whom, 55 cases exhibited the simultaneous increase of dABP and nABP.
* Only 24-hour ABP increased in two cases (the dABP and nABP were normal), and only nABP increased in 58 cases).
Among 154 patients with CKD who were lacking the history of hypertension, 46 (29.9%) cases exhibited increased ABP, specifically appearing as 15 cases (9.7%) of increased dABP (also known as MHT) among these 15 patients, and 11 cases also exhibited increased nBP.
When the rat's SABP was maintained above 144 mmHg or DABP above 91 mmHg or both, the rats were considered hypertensive [16; 17; 22].
Effects of 4-OH-Ile, s-AML, h-AML and s-AML/4-OH-Ile treatments on the SABP and DABP in DOCA-induced hypertensive rats (Table 1 and Fig.
At the 1st day of treatment, just before giving DOCA, no significant differences were found in the initial SABP and DABP between the different groups of rats.
At the end of experiment, 4-weeks DOCA treatment in the DOCA-treated rats induced significant (P < 0.001) increases in the SABP and DABP compared to the control rats.
(ii) mABP [mm Hg] equals the sum of diastolic arterial blood pressure (dABP) and one-third of a subtraction of systolic arterial blood pressure (sABP) and dABP (mABP = dABP + [sABP - dABP]/3).
The polymeric photoinitiator was prepared according to a general synthetic route shown in Scheme 1 via Michael addition of piperazine to DABP. The reaction was carried out in C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2] at 38[degrees]C.
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