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DABSDa Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (est. 2008; Afghan company)
DABSDynamic Access Boot Services
DABSDaily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland (Swiss aeronautical publication)
DABSDunlop Aerospace Braking Systems (UK)
DABSDiscrete Address Beacon System
DABSDutch Association of Barbershop Singers
DABSDynamic Airblast Simulator
DABSDefense Automated Bidders Service
DABSDirect Access Beacon System
DABSDiploma in Accounting & Business Studies
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But in cannabis culture, a dab is an incredibly (https://www.
As an aside, in 2004 the ICC introduced its new Dispute Board Rules, which included for both DRBs and DABs and also a hybrid between the two known as a Combined Dispute Board ('CDB').
There are reports from both FIDIC and legal commentators alike that standing DABs often lead to the speedy resolution of disputes without the need to resort to arbitration.
5oz made up of five sand dabs, two flounder and two plaice.
5oz, made up of five flounder, five sand dab and a plaice.
Hard to pin responsibility It has been four years since DABS was set up as the national power company.
dAbs are the smallest functional binding units of human antibodies (IgGs), less than one tenth the size of an IgG.
Growing from its roots as the traditional mail order reseller Dabs Direct, the Dabs business model has evolved significantly during recent years in line with a drive to enhance the customer's online buying experience through the exploitation of advancements in digital technology.
He topped the weights with a dab and a whiting for a total weight of 1lb 3.
Gary Moody was runner-up with two dab and 10 whiting for 5lb 9.
2003 turned out to be a watershed year for DAB in the United Kingdom.
He was followed by Mick Smith, who caught the other 12 dabs for 3lb 9oz, and Terry Dalton, whose single flounder, three eels, and single ell pout totalled 2lb 5oz.