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DABSDiscrete Address Beacon System
DABSDutch Association of Barbershop Singers
DABSDefense Automated Bidders Service
DABSDynamic Airblast Simulator
DABSDirect Access Beacon System
DABSDiploma in Accounting & Business Studies
DABSDunlop Aerospace Braking Systems (UK)
DABSDaily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland (Swiss aeronautical publication)
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The youth saw his features wrathfully red, and saw him make a dab with his sword.
Poyser observed, "allays aggravated me: it was as if you was a insect, and he was going to dab his finger-nail on you.
One day last spring, in town, I was in company with two men, striking instances of what I am talking of; Lord St Ives, whose father we all know to have been a country curate, without bread to eat; I was to give place to Lord St Ives, and a certain Admiral Baldwin, the most deplorable-looking personage you can imagine; his face the colour of mahogany, rough and rugged to the last degree; all lines and wrinkles, nine grey hairs of a side, and nothing but a dab of powder at top.
If there were only one dab of mud to be found in the whole of London, I am convinced I should carry it off from all competitors.
Fresh Dab toilet paper gel offers a convenient and portable solution when a shower or bath may not be readily available.
Steve Aldred was runnerup with 11 flounder, three turbot and two dabs for 316cm (2lb 13.
We have a good track record of working with Amtrak in the past and with their help, we expect to improve the customer's overall experience of dealing with dabs.
Domantis has developed a range of albumin binding dAbs, or "AlbudAbs" that can be attached to a therapeutic compound (such as a peptide or another dAb) and then administered to the patient.
Recommended items:Soups (clam, lentil, asparagus), lobster risotto cake, eggplant and manchego cheese souffle, pounded ``elephant ear'' veal chop, rack of lamb, crispy duck, short ribs, deep-fried sand dab strips, gnocchetti, molten chocolate cake, blood orange sorbet, banana tart.
Once the project is complete, Dabs anticipates a reduced cost of purchasing from its suppliers due to improved supply chain visibility, shorter lead times and reduced levels of reserve stock.
But a natural, water soluble, biodegradable product called Fresh Dab toilet paper gel may be the answer when nature calls.
Runner-up Dave Gillen also fished from the pier and caught a whiting and two dabs - including the biggest fish of the match at 13.