DABTDiplomate of the American Board of Toxicology
DABTDivision of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (Florida)
DABTDaam Aatu Basaltic Tuff (geology)
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Isso teve o proposito de corrigir as informacoes a fim de considera-las dentro da Disponibilidade Aparente Bruta Total (DABT).
(17.) Al-Mahkama al-shar[.sup.c]iyya al-ja[.sup.c]fariyya fi Nabatiyya (hereafter MJN), Sijill al-watha[.sup.c]iq al-shar-[.sup.c]iyya, (Case 31: dabt 3, safha 2, asas 81 or 86, writing illegible), January 11 1930--September 7, 1936.
The company attributes the achievement of this certification to the dual efforts of the dedicated scientific management team, led by Mingli Chen, MD, MS, DABT, VP of Research, along with a multidisciplinary team provided by one of the parent company's, MPI Research.
NR Number of residents L Plot size in marlas T Maximum average temperature in degree centigrade during period t Dmo Meter ownership dummy Dait Dummy for residence in Allama Iqbal Town Dabt Dummy for residence in Aziz Bhatti Town Dgbt Dummy for residence in Ganj Baksh Town Drt Dummy for residence in Ravi Town Dst Dummy for residence in Shalimar Town Table 4 Results [R.sup.2] 11.57 F-Stat 290.67 Variables Coefficient t-stat Constant 1.66 (17.41) * AP 0.01 -1.9 Dmo 0.02 (-0.64) L 0.002 (4.22) * NR 0.03 (8.45) * Qt-1 0.02 (35.28) * T 0.005 (5.05) * W 5.57E-09 (2.33) * Fixed Effects Dabt 0.08 (3.50) * Dait 0.17 (6.75) * Dgbt -0.04 (-1.50) Drt 0.07 (2.90) * Dst 0.12 (5.26) * * = significant at 5 percent level.
The award was presented by Qatar Labour and Social Affairs Minister Sultan bin Hassan Al Dabt Al Dosari to the bank's corporate services group executive assistant general manager Khalid Ali Juma.
The Environment Section will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2011, according to Environment Section Chair Rebecca Head, PhD, DABT.
KARTIK SHANKAR, PH.D., DABT (diplomate, American Board of Toxicology), is an instructor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and an investigator at the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center, both in Little Rock, Arkansas.
MASTEN, Ph.D., DABT, 873 West Bay Drive, #186, Largo 33770, (727)595-6575, Toll-Free (866)329-9262, FAX (727)595-0785, e-mail: lwten@sprintmail.com.
Olympic Blvd., Suite 125, Los Angeles, CA 90064; and Paul Ferguson, PhD, DABT, Professor, Toxicology, and Dean, Graduate College, (pferguson@ccmail.
Smith, Maryland Industrial Partnerships grant 501.15; Advanced Research Projects Agency grant DABT 63-95-C-0037; and National Science Foundation grants NSF EEC 94-02384 and IRI-9306580.
For an attempt at presenting these women's stories with minimal commentary, see Sumitra Bhave, Pan on Fire: Eight Dabt Women Tell Their Story (New Delhi, 1988).
Some other poems by Ahmad ibn Majid were published from ms 2559 in the second volume (Paris, 1925), alongside the Umdat al-mahriyya fi dabt al-ulum ulum al-bahriyya "The Mahri Support for Control of Nautical Sciences" by another mu allim (master of navigation), Sulayman al-mahri (fl.