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This is simply a more general version of Lewis's proof (1996) that DAB, assuming conditionalising and ratio-weighting, implies DACB and IND.
This is in essence the point Lewis is making when he says that DACB (i.
13) When Lewis says that "IND follows immediately from DAB and DACB", and "DAB follows from DACB and IND" (1996, p.
The DACB collects biographies from a variety of sources, including published volumes.
6) In the absence of other resources, the DACB biographies provided by the Institute of Ethiopian Studies can serve to help reconstruct Ethiopia's ancient and venerable Christian history up to the thirteenth century.
This biography of Hakalla Amale, which contains few historical details and draws its information from only three oral history sources, belongs to the new historiography of African (and world) Christianity to which the DACB project is contributing in a modest way as a first-generation repository of biographies.
Now it is IND, unabetted by DACB, that leads to contradiction.
In the first place, DACB is immune to refutation by redistribution of credence.
So I question Price's second reason for preferring DACB to DAB.
The information is organized and written in conformity to standard DACB guidelines.
From the very beginning, the DACB has maintained that publishing rights should be freely granted to churches, denominations, and national or international publishers wishing to produce a printed version of the entire electronic database or printed versions of any portion of the database deemed useful to them.
As virtually the only central source of information on African Christian biography, the DACB Web site is experiencing steady and growing traffic, from a daily average of 493 "page views" in June 2003 to 731 in April 2004.