DACCSDigital Access Cross Connect System
DACCSDepartment of the Army Command & Control System
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DACCS even makes it possible to collect and dispose of carbon dioxide that has been emitted in the past; indeed, it may be the only feasible option for removing the old waste that still litters the atmosphere.
DACCS is likely to set the upper limit on the cost of carbon waste management.
Daccs handles all procedures, calculations and data communication needed by fire units and commanders up to divisional level, while the Bombard handles the fire-planning task up to battalion level.
For example, with the establishment of DACCs, the future role of District Intersectoral ADDS Committees is unclear.
Under the Tadiran DACCS, the forward observer has a computer with a touchpanel display, similar to a Palm Pilot but with a bigger screen (10.4" diagonal), that presents a readable map on which the forward observer records all the appropriate measurements.
Joanne, 54, who is hoping to start reconstructive surgery next month, said: "I cried when I heard what the staff at Daccs were planning.
Her spirits were lifted recently when two staff from Daccs flew over to visit her.
"I also had a phone call from Diane Irwin from Daccs hairdressing in Washington.