DACFLDallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers (Texas)
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The DACFL supports up to 60 drives configured into as many as eight LUNs, allowing over two terabytes of scalable high performance capacity per controller.
The DACFL and the DACFF controllers share a unique dual processor design which separates data movement and control functions.
The DACFL integrates easily with leading Fibre Channel switch and hub products, providing simplified network connectivity, cable routing and maintenance.
Consistent with the wide acceptance of Fibre Channel for Storage Area Network implementations, Mylex's DACFL bridges the gap for SCSI users who plan a progressive transition to Fibre Channel," said Farid Neema, president of Santa Barbara storage industry analyst firm, Peripheral Concepts, Inc.
With dual active, automatic failover/failback host cluster support via two copper FC-AL (Fibre Channel arbitrated loop) channels, the DACFL enables flexible configuration and redundant connections for high-availability applications.
The DACFL is Mylex's second Fibre Channel controller, joining the DAC960SF, a Fibre Channel-to-Ultra SCSI RAID controller.
The DACFL hardware supports dual active configurations.
The DACFL implements a unique dual RISC processor design which separates data movement and control functions.
The DACFL supports drive connectivity via four wide Ultra2 SCSI LVD channels.
DACFL provides customers the same high level of manageability that they have come to expect with all Mylex RAID products.
Another important feature of DACFL is Mylex's GAM(TM) (Global Array Manager), which enables the RAID system to be configured, maintained and monitored remotely over the Internet or corporate Intranet.
The DACFL supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50 and JBOD, offering maximum RAID level flexibility customizable to the user's application.