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DACIDivision des Affaires Communautaires et Internationales (French: Division of Community and International Affairs)
DACIDirect Adjacent Channel Interference
DACIDance and Children International
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Researchers at Cochlear Ltd., Sydney, Australia, have also used multiphysics software models to create a Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implant (DACI) that provides mechanical (acoustic) stimulations directly to the cochlea, especially targeted at people who suffer from severe to profound mixed hearing loss.
A new species of pest fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae: Daci nae) from Sri Lanka and Africa.
Embora nao seja imprescindivel, se recomenda uma avaliacao diagnostica previa que nos de a maior quantidade possivel de informacao sobre o aluno, e a elaboracao de um documento (tipo DACI - documento de adaptacao curricular individual) (7), no qual se concretizem as adaptacoes propostas.
The iconographic relation of the Hevajra yidam to the Sakya tradition does not necessarily associate this perfectly preserved banner with the visit of the 32nd Sakya abbot Kun dga' bKra shis rGyal mtshan at the Ming court in 1413 (in Nanjing and Beijing), but may also refer to Shakya Ye she's meetings with the Ming emperor in 1415 or in 1434/35, now being entitled by the Xuande emperor (r.1425-1435) as "Jamchen Choje" (Byams chen Chos rje, "the Dharma King of Great Mercy" (Chin.: daci fawang).
Friday's fighting came after the home of Ahmed Daci, district commissioner for Wadajir district, was attacked by suspected opposition fighters.
In particular, divisions plague the leading LDK party, and some of its members recently broke away to form a new party headed by Nexhat Daci, former speaker of the Kosovo assembly.
Rebecca Oldham, 28, of St Mary's Road, Leamington, was marching with her four-year-old daughter Daci Liddamore.
Ne da informatii despre daci si sciti, la care s-a raspandit crestinismul, in lucrarea "Contra Iudeos" (Contra iudeilor) cap.