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DACIADual Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
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One Twitter user said of the Dacia it "looks like a Nissan that's had a crash.
The ride is probably the most satisfying side to the Dacia Stepway.
Par ailleurs, le nouveau Dacia Duster adopte d'inedites jantes 17 et des passages de roues plus marques.
It's because driving a Dacia is like driving used to be.
Dacia says that the new Stepway - based on the recently revised new Logan MCV - has a muscular style with flared wheel arches, roof rails and a ground clearance of 174mm.
Dacia is not yet a business driver-linked brand with more than 94 per cent of Dacia sales going to retail customers.
The name may not be that familiar still but Dacia was a Romanian brand and has been owned by Renault since 2004.
As an extra bonus, buyers who take advantage of the offers also get a fiveyear/60,000-mile warranty on their new Dacia, which is worth PS395 when bought separately.
There is much to admire about the characters of Dacia and Lou.
This is not the first time the Dacia name has been in Britain.