DACISDepartment of Agriculture Corporate Information System
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To set up an evaluation of DACIS and its new DoD Budget module, please visit InfoBase Publishers' website at http://www.
A one-week evaluation of the DACIS and DM&A services can be set up at the company's website (http://www.
What this means for DACIS subscribers who need to analyze the government's year-end contracting surge is this: each award has been placed into a dynamic reference source that has been constructed over nearly a decade.
Since the rollout of the company's new Internet-based subscription service 11 months ago, subscriptions to the DACIS service have risen by more than 35 percent.
Evaluate the service at no cost or obligation by visiting the DACIS website at http://www.
The Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS) has been vastly upgraded in the world space arena," stated Stuart McCutchan, editor of DACIS and Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A).
DACIS is a unique product, a fully relational database which links each program to its customer, its prime contractor, its subsystems, subcontractors, and their programs.
Another vital advantage in this respect is that DACIS is linked with its sibling product, Defense Mergers and Acquisitions (DM&A) -- so as European space companies merge and meld, as they are at the moment, DACIS keeps pace, down to the divisional level in each new mega-company as it emerges.
com, and then click the "Trial Evaluation" button on the home screen to set up a free two-week evaluation of the DACIS service.
DACIS consists of eight world-class information modules and more than one million unique Web pages.
If you cannot attend the webinar, but are interested in what DACIS can do for you, please feel free to reach out directly to David at david.
For a closer look at DACIS and the DoD Budget module, please visit InfoBase Publishers' website at http://www.