DACMDirector of Acquisition Career Management
DACMData Adapter Control Mode
DACMDefense Acquisition Career Manager
DACMDiscretionary Access Control Mechanism
DACMDissimilar Aerial Combat Maneuvers
DACMDaring Athlétic Club Molenbeek (Belgian athletic club)
DACMDe l'Autre Côté du Miroir (French: The Looking Glass; est. 1999)
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Within the Army, the DACM is responsible for implementing ALT workforce education, training, and career development.
The DACM appoints a deputy DACM (DDACM), who is responsible for the organization and daily management functions of the Army's acquisition career management activities.
The DACM and DDACM approve the ALT contracting professional career development program.
Enabled by Section 852 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund provides the Army's DACM with enhanced capabilities to ensure the "acquisition workforce has the capacity, in both personnel and skills, needed to properly perform its mission, provide appropriate oversight of contractor performance, and ensure that the department receives the best value for the expenditure of public resources.
For educational course requirements, effective April 8, 1999, the DACM Mandatory Course Fulfillment Program and Competency Standards was reinstated allowing and giving direction to members to pursue and receive required course fulfillment.
NOTE: Although DAU determines DAWIA requirements for certification, it is DACM who actually certifies our Navy members) Now that you have identified the field you wish to certify, and verified and validated competency or completion of your education, experience and training requirements, you are ready to go to DAU and request certification.
For more information on the Fulfillment program you can contact Jean Sautenbach of DACM at (757) 638-1604.
Armed with the Navy's Total Force Vision for the 21st Century and the Secretary of Defense's 2010 DoD Strategic Human Capital Plan Update: The Defense Acquisition Workforce, we in the DACM office set off to build a strategic plan to act on the President's and the Secretary of Defense's guidance.
As such, the Navy DACM office has focused on rebuilding our bench strength in specific competencies and career fields.
If we are to properly manage the Navy acquisition workforce, the DACM must have a voice in the program objective memorandum process.
The DACM must communicate to commanders and leaders--at all levels--a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities to meet this challenge.