DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
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The N4 DACOS provides oversight and management of Port Visit Costs and serves as the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for Commander, U.S.
Ashore, among numerous other postings, he served as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (DACOS) for Plans in the Operations Division, Defence Command North Norway (1985-86); military secretary to Defence Minister Johan J.
From 1990 to 1992, the company concentrated on developing contacts through Dacos' Asian networks.
A-1 was able to penetrate this market in 1993 and 1994, mainly through its partnership with Dacos. A-1 had developed a synthetic lane called UltraLane, a growingly popular substitute for wood flooring.
Dacos has convincingly linked Scipio's head and helmet (Fig.
(22) Less convincingly, Dacos had claimed a similarity between Ghirlandaio's Scaevola in the middle of the left triad and the figure of Roma in one of the Trajanic reliefs from the arch of Constantine; see N.
Here, the visitors who must crawl along the dirt and become "more bizarre that the grottesche" (stanza 127; Rowland 106; Dacos 10).
(28) In the list of signatures from these caves collected by Weege in the nineteenth-century and later by Nicole Dacos, a name which they read as Michiel appears at least twice.
32 Holanda-Vasconcellos, 102-06; Holanda-Denis, 188-90; Holanda-Bell, 60-63 (which is awkwardly stated for following much too literally the original, somewhat chaotic order of Holanda's phrasing); on the discovery of the grotteschi, and their diffusion and fame in the Renaissance, see Dacos.
99 See Dacos. For grotesque masks and winged heads in the Grande Gallerie, Binen-baum and Pressouyre, 51, fig.