DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
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Once more, the only source of this section is my own unpublished notes from my time as DACOS Plans, Defence Command North Norway, in 1985, confirmed through conversations with officer colleagues I served with at the time.
Holst (1986-88); DACOS for Organisation on the Navy Staff of Headquarters, Defence Command Norway (1988-90); Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) for Operations, Defence Command North Norway (1990-93); Commander, Trondelag Naval District (1993-94); DA COS for Operations/Logistics at Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe (1994-97) (assigned as Assistant Director of Operations for Bosnia during Operation JOINT ENDEAVOUR 1995-97); and Chief of the Navy Staff, Headquarters, De fence Command Norway (1998-2000).
Significant accomplishments, inspired by Tom's leadership, were the DACOS random access analyzer (13), TelePath laboratory management software (14), and enhanced chemiluminescence technology (15).