DACOWITSDefense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (US DoD)
DACOWITSDefense Advisory Committee On Women In The Service
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DACOWITS again pushed for the repeal of combat exclusion statutes, arguing the services should be able to utilize all qualified personnel based on ability rather than gender.
Does it really have to be that high?" Since the stated goal is "set women up for success," the answer will be "No." Training standards in the military will most certainly drop, CMR noted, pointing to the Marines' slide show for DACOWITS, which included the data on the comparative strength and attrition rates on men and women.
The most common health risks for deployed female service members are related to the GU system (DACOWITS, 2007).
The unrepresentative nature of DACOWITS may explain why the
According to two DACOWITS reports--delivered, with spectacularly unfortunate timing, on Sept.
Rumsfeld: Well needless to say we would not have continued DACOWITS if we didn't think it was a relevant group.
All 22 Clinton-appointed DACOWITS members were dismissed and the remaining 12 members' terms were allowed to expire without reappointment.
Jean Appleby Jackson, a former chairwoman of DACOWITS, made an eloquent plea for inclusion when she appeared before the commission shortly before its final deliberations.
Recalled Ray, "Anna Rosenberg was well known as a liberal member of the Roosevelt administration, and after being appointed as the first Assistant Secretary of Defense, she initiated the creation of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), which became a feminist activist group in the Pentagon, promoting the move of American women closer and closer to the battlefield."
A Pentagon advisory group known as DACOWITS (Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services) in recent years has advised the Defense Department on these issues.