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DACS has been the choice of Aviators around the world for nearly seven years, delivering superior communication, enabling safer flight, and improving public safety with industry-leading technology and performance.
DACS provides audio distribution, control, and warnings necessary for a wide range of mid- to large-sized helicopters and fixed wing aircraft engaged in tactical missions.
Forward fit on more production helicopters than any other digital audio system, DACS consists of an ACP53 Flight Crew Panel, an ACP51 Cabin Crew/Mission Specialist Panel, an AMU50 Audio Management Unit, and an RM01 Remote Memory Unit.
Sheriff Swanson said she was concerned about the "illogical" system used DACS which meant call used by DACS which meant the call handler would not dial 999 until a team had visited the property.
DACS, she said, would call 999 if requested but not if the caller could not communicate what was wrong.
Glasgow City Council said DACS were now provided by their arm'slength company Cordia.
Alubond Australasia is a group company of Alubond Dacs India Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Mulk Holdings and DACS systems led by managing partners Ravi Lad and Vinay Medhekar.
Also on display will be an Ishida DACS-W-012 with integrated Safeline metal detector, in which the remote control unit (RCU) of the metal detector is integrated into the DACS RCU.
The company's products include a complete line of VoIP, VoATM, VoDSL and TDM-based integrated access devices (IADs), optical access products, wire-speed routers, and bandwidth aggregation solutions including CSU/DSUs, multiplexers and DACS.