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DACSData & Analysis Center for Software
DACSDescribing Archives: A Content Standard (Society of American Archivists)
DACSDesign and Analysis of Communication Systems (University of Twente, Netherlands)
DACSDigital Access & Cross-Connect System
DACSDivert and Attitude Control System
DACSData Acquisition and Control System (NASA)
DACSDistributed Access Control System
DACSDeportable Alien Control System (Legacy INS)
DACSDigital Access Carrier System (telecommunications)
DACSDesign and Artists Copyright Society Limited (UK)
DACSDigital Access Control System
DaCSData Communication and Synchronization
DACSDigital Animation Control System (Walt Disney World)
DACSDigital Acquisition and Control System (NASA)
DACSDigital Audio Communication System
DACSDirect Access Communications System (Public Broadcasting)
DACSDigital Aeronautical Chart Supplement
DACSData Acquisition Control Systems
DACSDivision of Access and Continuing Studies
DACSDefense Acquisition Contract Service
DACSDepartment of Applied Computer Science
DACSData Acquisition and Correction System
DACSDigital Analog Crossconnect System
DACSDefense and Arms Control Study (Program)
DACSDisplay And Control Segment
DACSDéplacements Associatifs du Canton de Saint Pierre d'Albigny (French travel association)
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Sheriff Swanson said she was concerned about the "illogical" system used DACS which meant call used by DACS which meant the call handler would not dial 999 until a team had visited the property.
Alubond Australasia is a group company of Alubond Dacs India Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Mulk Holdings and DACS systems led by managing partners Ravi Lad and Vinay Medhekar.
The liquid DACS is a high-precision, lightweight propulsion system that capitalizes on technologies developed by Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne over the last two decades.
The DACS is a high-precision, quick-reaction propulsion system that positions the THAAD interceptor to destroy incoming enemy ballistic missiles.
Black Diamond's contribution to the DACS solution is an adaptation of its combat-proven, ultra-rugged SwitchBack(TM) computer platform and comprises three main components: the Switchback Wearable Computer, which integrates the IDF encrypted radio interface and communications; a handheld, sunlight-viewable display; and a docking system that is incorporated into a soldier's body armor or mounted in a vehicle.
The Pathfinder DACS will allow the Missile Defense Agency to test the avionics, software and sensor capabilities of the kinetic vehicles, simulating the conditions of flight and demonstrating its ability to seek and destroy incoming ballistic missile targets," said Bruce Janeski, MKV Commonality Pathfinder program manager, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.
The indications are that the DACS performed as expected, continuing to prove the maturity of our kill vehicle DACS technology," said Warren Yasuhara, Aerojet program manager.
The DACS system and component technical maturity will be demonstrated in a future static hot-fire test and subsequent integration into a KV configuration and simulated flight test in support of the Multiple Kill Vehicle program.
This test was an important milestone in Aerojet's development of a solid propellant DACS for Missile Defense applications.
The engine control system for the defensive vehicle, called a divert and attitude control system -- or DACS -- is comprised of small, high-performance, liquid-fueled thrusters, and guided the vehicle -- which requires no ordnance -- into the path of the target.
The DACS system provided roll control of the THAAD missile during booster flyout and maneuver of the kill vehicle using small, liquid-fueled thrusters that allow the THAAD interceptor to alter direction and attitude.
The flight test demonstrated THAAD interceptor performance and verified the DACS system design in a demanding flight scenario.