DACTSDartmouth Assertive Community Treatment Scale (behavioral science)
DACTSDepartment of Automated Command and Training Systems
DACTSData Automated Control Tower Simulator
DACTSDispersion Against Concealed Targets
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It basically consists of four components: nodes, DACT (data application in transit, data divided into logical units), displacement plans, and the communication protocol.
A DACT represents a minimum unit of data transferred between nodes and has a self-meaning that allows pieces of data to be separated from others without losing consistency.
used an extended version of DACTS and included the criterion that consumers on the ACT team serve as (1) team members, providing direct services as peer specialists, and (2) clinicians (e.g., case managers) with full professional status [53].
developed an actuarial method for defining program standards [16] that built on the DACTS and headed toward expectancy-referenced criteria linked to better outcomes, which then led to a brief grading system that clearly discriminated ACT from other forms of case management.
After criticizing Teague et al.'s DACTS [15] as being too "theoretical" and prone to "heated argument," Burns et al.
The Delphi technique aggregates expert opinion to identify critical components, while DACTS measures fidelity in particular programs.
Transmission of all alarm events from a DACT requires system connection to the existing telephone lines on the premises, and if the telephone lines are cut by the perpetrator prior to entering the facility, as they often are, the digital dialer will not function at all, or at least won't be able to dial the central station for appropriate response.