DAD1Defender Against Cell Death 1 (protein-coding gene)
DAD1Defender against Apoptotic Death 1
DAD1Defective in Anther Dehiscence1 (plant genetics)
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Retention time is 3.594; DAD1 A; Sig is 200, 4; Ref = 360, 100.
albicans OST subunits are known and include: ribophorin I (Ost1) and II (Swp1), OST48 (Wbp1), defender against apoptotic cell death or DAD1 (Ost2), N33 (Ost3), magnesium transporter 1 (Ost6), and OST4 (Ost4) [14-16], (Table 1).
Our data reveal that [E.sub.2] induces the expression of anti-apoptotic genes (BAG2, BAG3, DAD1) while simultaneously down-regulating the expression of pro-apoptotic genes (CASP2, NIX; Figure 6D).