DADDADeputy Assistant District Director for Adjudications
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They stoutly maintain, against all argument and much to the discomfort of the victim, that the bashful young man at the end of the 'bus is "dadda." A crowded street-corner suggests itself to their minds as a favorable spot for the discussion of family affairs at a shrill treble.
Express her grief over the demise of Vajpayee, the veteran singer said that the former prime minister was an unparalleled leader but for her, he will always remain her "Dadda"(brother) .
But power consumption is lower than conventional Dadda.
Lagayan said the Capatan bridge here was buried in water, preventing motorists from crossing towards the downtown area from the Tagga and Dadda villages.
She says, 'You don't need to work!' I say, 'I do actually', and she says, 'No, Dadda can pay for everything'.
Flailing her arms and legs in delight, Leah cheered, "Of course Dadda!"
The slogan heard in the political arena was - Satta hamne dee Dadda (elder brother Mulayam) ko, Dadda Ne Dee Lalla (Akhilesh Yadav) ko, Lalla ne De Dee Allah ( Muslims) Ko.(We gave power to elder brother, he gave to his son and the son gave it to Muslims)
He also announced construction of a road from Nara Dadda Adda Gojra to Khushpur village.
Sohail alias Dadda belonged to the Uzair Baloch group and was believed to be a notorious criminal in Malir and adjoining areas.
Grandson Tom, the former Motherwell and Tranmere player, wrote on Twitter: "Very sad to hear my dadda Tony passed away today."