DADMACDiallyldimethylammonium Chloride
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7% by weight of total monomers; the weight ratio of AMPS, DADMAC, DMAM, and AA is 6.
1] can be attributed to the stretching vibration of methylene group in the carbon-nitrogen quinary heterocyclic structures of DADMAC and its deformation vibration is around 960.
f] in DADMAC and DMAM respectively, and the methyl protons (--C[H.
Free radical polymerization of DADMAC may proceed as a cyclopolymerization mechanism.
RI detector, calibrated with aqueous NaCl, signals were used to monitor monomer concentration and its conversion to polymer by using the differential RI increment differences (<dn/dc) between the values of DADMAC and PDADMAC.
DADMAC,0] is the DADMAC concentration at the beginning of the reaction.
So, positively charged DADMAC and V50 ions repel each other, causing the DADMAC to initiate the reaction at a slower rate.
In the pH range of this study, DADMAC is fully ionized.
DADMAC polymerization reactions were carried out and reaction kinetics were investigated in the ACOMP system at varying initial monomer concentrations and at pH 1,3, and 5.