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R-RIM/DPG Ratio (wt/wt) 100/150 100/100 Hydroxyl No (mg KOH/g) 550 475 Viscosity (mPa [multiplied by] s 25 [degrees] C) 2165 3550 Total alkalinity (mg KOH/g) 33 42 DETDA (wt %)(a) 0.95 1.45 DADPM (wt %)(a) 0.91 1.58 DPG free (wt %)(a) 49.0 31.5 (a) Gas chromatographic analysis.
R-RIM/DPG/Triol Hydroxyl No (mg KOH/g) 215 Viscosity (mPa [multiplied by] s 25 [degrees] C) 4175 Total alkalinity (mg KOH/g) 40 DETDA (wt %)(a) 1.22 DADPM (wt %)(a) 1.51 DPG (wt %)(a) 5.1 (a) Gas chromatographic analysis.
Because of the close similarity in structure in the two curing agents (DADPS and DADPM), their results are applicable to the DGEBA/DADPS epoxy system.