DADWDeputy Assistant Director of Works (UK)
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rather on the way in which the DADW standstill inhibited the flow of
objecting, among other things, to the DADW standstill provision.
se rule for DADW standstills, (161) nor did he think it was the role of
acknowledge and accept the value of standstills, even DADW standstills,
and, in particular, the role of the DADW standstill so that shareholders
Insofar as DADW standstills prevent information concerning
Complete Genomics would void the DADW aspect of the standstill to allow
be explicit about the deployment and use of DADW provisions, boards will
or Complete Genomics, emphasizing the context-specific use of DADW
these three cases and the DADW standstill cases are useful in
ACE) as well as, more recently, the DADW standstill cases (Celera and
at 18 (holding that a DADW standstill "has the same