DAEBDeutschland Auf Einen Blick
DAEBDiensten van Algemeen Economisch Belang (Dutch: Services of General Economic Interest)
DAEBDepartamento de Água e Esgoto de Bagé (Portuguese: Bage Water and Sewer Department; Bage, Brazil)
DAEBDownflow Anaerobic Expanded Bed
DAEBDepartmental Audit and Evaluation Branch (Canada)
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From the equivalent circuit of the DAEB qZSI during the shoot-through state (Fig.
The boost ratio of the input voltage of the MDAEB topology is the same as of DAEB qZSI (25).
9 shows the general operating waveforms of the DAEB and MDAEB qZSI topologies.
The average values of capacitor voltages of the DAEB and MDAEB qZSI topologies obtained during the simulations are compared in Table 2.
Moreover, in the loss-less approach the CAEB and MCAEB qZSI topologies could ensure up to 1.25 times higher boost than that of DAEB and MDAEB qZSI topologies (Fig.