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DAEMONDisk And Execution Monitor
DAEMONData Adaptive Evaluator and Monitor
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Since the church of Lyra's world interprets Dust as evidence of original sin, the General Oblation Board finds that "the most effective method of preventing Dust from settling on the child is to separate the body from the daemon before the onset of puberty" (Bird 116).
Originally self-published in 2006, Daemon should now reach a much larger audience, and deservedly so.
GHOULISH Debbie Kiernan, Joe Daly as Daemon Crodell and Amy Creighton at preview of Magick Macabre; GORY Joe Daly as Daemon Crodell of Magick Macabre; SAUCY Amy Creighton yesterday
There, he and his daemon friend Hester discover a plot hatched by evil oil tycoon Larsen Manganese, local mayoral candidate Ivan Poliakov, and Pierre McConville, a dangerous hired killer.
The daemons of children, such as Lyra's daemon Pantalaimon, change their shapes frequently.
All of the technical heft is necessary to fully realise Pullman's fantastical parallel universe, in which humans are bound to a reflection of their soul called a daemon, which takes the form of an animal.
com, answer 20 questions, and you'll be allocated your very own daemon.
Horror writer Ian Tremblin holds a short story writing contest with an unusual prize: the five finalists will get to spend the evening with him in Daemon Hall, and the winner will be published.
The Daemon in Our Dreams is a grim suspense novel about ominous, impending doom.
Daemon Records: Amy Ray of Indigo Girls founded Daemon in 1990 as a not-for= profit label that could nurture artists too edgy for corporate entertainment.
Janelle is healing, but not fast enough for Daemon.