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DAEMONDisk And Execution Monitor
DAEMONData Adaptive Evaluator and Monitor
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Since the church of Lyra's world interprets Dust as evidence of original sin, the General Oblation Board finds that "the most effective method of preventing Dust from settling on the child is to separate the body from the daemon before the onset of puberty" (Bird 116).
Originally self-published in 2006, Daemon should now reach a much larger audience, and deservedly so.
For young Lyra Belacqua, who has been entrusted to the care of scholars at Jordan College, Oxford, that daemon is the shape-shifting Pantalaimon.
Anyone who's read Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy will have been intrigued by the notion of daemons.
The Daemon in Our Dreams is a grim suspense novel about ominous, impending doom.
Daemon Records: Amy Ray of Indigo Girls founded Daemon in 1990 as a not-for= profit label that could nurture artists too edgy for corporate entertainment.
Janelle is healing, but not fast enough for Daemon.
Onboard hyper text transfer protocol Daemon (HTTP D) and special common gateway interface (CGI) mean that automatic data read/ write on the web controller can be performed by a standard browser hosted by a networked PC.
SpiritWave ESB Server additionally supports non-blocking input/output for extreme scaling to large numbers of clients from a single daemon or across a cluster.
The audience believed that Daemon Codell was performing magic when he sawed his drugged assistants in half - but the Italian was literally cutting them up.