DAEPDisciplinary Alternative Education Program
DAEPDépartement Aérodynamique, Énergétique et Propulsion (French: Department of Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Energy)
DAEPDolby Automotive Entertainment Program (Dolby Laboratories)
DAEPDistrict Alternative Education Program (Texas)
DAEPDegreed Applied Equine Podiatrist
DAEPDélégation Académique à l'Action Éducative et à la Pédagogie (French academic delegation)
DAEPDomestic Abuse Education Project
DAEPDistrict Alternative Education Placement (Texas)
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Equip DAEP students with coping skills and resources to improve their behavior control and increase productivity in school
In line with our Chairmans vision and Dubais ambition to grow the aviation sector, DAEP must continue to innovate to meet our quest for sustainable aviation, said Taleb.
Students may also be sent to DAEPs for less serious infractions at the discretion of the school district.
During the same year, the Texas Education Agency sent notices to three school districts that violated the state's ban on sending children younger than six to DAEP placements.
Understanding reasons students were placed might lead to reduction in DAEP enrollment and increase success at the home campus.
7) Representative Alvin Granoff of Dallas spearheaded the DAEP legislation.
Were honoured to be working so closely with DAEP once again, and this commission further strengthens our aviation profile in the Middle East.
The target population included students in grades six through 12 placed in a DAEP as a result of engaging in certain infractions within 300 feet of school property, while on school property, or while attending a school-sponsored activity.
Once registered in the one-time procedure, the traveller will be able to swipe his/her passport on the reader and complete the immigration formalities, she added, noting that the technology is in line with a partnership between the DAEP and Emaratech.
Munn added: "When we went to DAEP to show them our visual impact, it was as part of a five million LTI-free manhours celebration, so everyone was there: the senior project management, the client, consultants, and it was around plant and vehicles, and their movement around people.
Saab is proud to have Dubai and DAEP as another partner in the pursuit of increased aviation safety and efficiency.
The smart gates and upgrading immigration counters mark another important milestone in our continuing strategy to fully harness the potential of Dubai's International Airports and passenger handling capacity," said Suzanne Al-Anani, CEO of DAEP.