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DAFDeutsch Als Fremdsprache (German: German as a Foreign Language)
DAFDissolved Air Flotation (separation technology)
DAFDecay Accelerating Factor
DAFDuck Athletic Fund (Oregon)
DAFDelivered At Frontier (shipping)
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front)
DAFDiamonds Are Forever (James Bond Movie)
DAFDirection des Affaires Financières
DAFDeutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friendship)
DAFDansk Atletik Forbund (Denmark)
DAFDepartment of the Air Force
DAFDesert Air Force
DAFDays After Flowering
DAFDevice Assembly Facility
DAFDecay-Accelerating Factor for Complement
DAFDestination Address Field
DAFDanish Air Force
DAFDynamic Amplification Factor
DAFVan Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, post 1949 name)
DAFData Acquisition Facility
DAFDepartment of Agriculture and Fisheries
DAFData Access Facility
DAFData Analysis Facility (NASA)
DAFDepartamento de Assistência Farmacêutica e Insumos Estratégicos (Brasil)
DAFDeparture Airfield
DAFDry and Ash Free (coal)
DAFDistributed Application Framework
DAFDogwood Arts Festival
DAFVan Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, pre 1949 name)
DAFDilution and Attenuation Factor
DAFDecode and Forward
DAFDirectory Access Function
DAFDefence Architecture Framework (Australian military)
DAFDivorced Asian Female
DAFDemographic Adjustment Factor
DAFData Archive Facility
DAFDirect Aerial Fire
DAFDenver Animal Foundation (Denver, Colorado)
DAFDirectory Address Field (Centrex telelphone system)
DAFDuplicate Address File
DAFDisciplinary Action Form (human resources)
DAFDestination Address Filter(ing)
DAFDie Attach Film (adhesive)
DAFDirection Administrative et Financière (French: Administrative and Financial Department; various locations)
DAFDiffusion Ameublement Fabrique (French furniture company)
DAFDevelopment Assistance Framework (UN)
DAFData Automation France (France)
DAFDirection de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt (French: Department of Agriculture and Forestry)
DAFDelayed Auditory Feedback
DAFDocument Allocation File
DAFDistrict Aisne Football (French: Aisne District Football; Aisne, France)
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Customers will be able to taste Daf's efforts for the first time on tomorrow when the cafe hosts a gourmet pie evening and, throughout the next few weeks, Daf will be cooking a range of delicious cakes, puddings and pies.
The first buses to be operated as UAE public transport 20 years ago were from DAF, and some of those are still in operation.
Last year, several national DAF providers numbered among the top U.
To save Leyland DAF, the management entered into that most dangerous and fragile of enterprises, a management buy-out.
A charity, group of charities, a family foundation, or a DAF can be named as the beneficiary of a retirement account.
Unable to eat, work or get dressed without help for the foreseeable future, Daf has moved back with his parents in Aberaeron.
I was taken by surprise, and without saying a word this bald figure dressed in black forced open my door and started hacking at my face and neck," said Daf, who moved back in with his parents in Aberaeron after the attack.
Altan Yuksel, after-sales manager (HEG), said: "The DAF after-sales conference brought some of the region's top dealers together.
According to Fidelity, nearly all DAF donors also use other giving methods.
Why should clients consider a DAF for their philanthropy?
Cultivating alumni donors, and donors in general, who have a DAF is a little different than cultivating donors who have a private foundation or practice checkbook philanthropy.