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DAFDeutsch Als Fremdsprache (German: German as a Foreign Language)
DAFDissolved Air Flotation (separation technology)
DAFDecay Accelerating Factor
DAFDuck Athletic Fund (Oregon)
DAFDelivered At Frontier (shipping)
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front)
DAFDiamonds Are Forever (James Bond Movie)
DAFDirection des Affaires Financières
DAFDeutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friendship)
DAFDansk Atletik Forbund (Denmark)
DAFDepartment of the Air Force
DAFDesert Air Force
DAFDays After Flowering
DAFDevice Assembly Facility
DAFDecay-Accelerating Factor for Complement
DAFDestination Address Field
DAFDanish Air Force
DAFDynamic Amplification Factor
DAFVan Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, post 1949 name)
DAFData Acquisition Facility
DAFDepartment of Agriculture and Fisheries
DAFData Access Facility
DAFData Analysis Facility (NASA)
DAFDepartamento de Assistência Farmacêutica e Insumos Estratégicos (Brasil)
DAFDeparture Airfield
DAFDry and Ash Free (coal)
DAFDistributed Application Framework
DAFDogwood Arts Festival
DAFVan Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, pre 1949 name)
DAFDilution and Attenuation Factor
DAFDecode and Forward
DAFDirectory Access Function
DAFDefence Architecture Framework (Australian military)
DAFDivorced Asian Female
DAFDemographic Adjustment Factor
DAFData Archive Facility
DAFDirect Aerial Fire
DAFDenver Animal Foundation (Denver, Colorado)
DAFDirectory Address Field (Centrex telelphone system)
DAFDuplicate Address File
DAFDisciplinary Action Form (human resources)
DAFDestination Address Filter(ing)
DAFDie Attach Film (adhesive)
DAFDirection Administrative et Financière (French: Administrative and Financial Department; various locations)
DAFDiffusion Ameublement Fabrique (French furniture company)
DAFDevelopment Assistance Framework (UN)
DAFData Automation France (France)
DAFDirection de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt (French: Department of Agriculture and Forestry)
DAFDelayed Auditory Feedback
DAFDocument Allocation File
DAFDistrict Aisne Football (French: Aisne District Football; Aisne, France)
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I think DAF for blameworthiness and praiseworthiness is attractive, especially when compared against extant accounts.
A grant from a DAF cannot be used to pay member dues, purchase benefit dinner tickets, or to fulfill a pledge because donors are not allowed to receive any goods or services in exchange for their contributions.
The DAF custodian will need to outline how the shares will be turned into cash, which call then be disbursed to charities The IRS also requires independent appraisals to be conducted for all non-cash gifts worth more than $5,000, so gills of these types of assets often need to be larger than cash minimums to justify the time and expense.
Large-scale DAF tanks can measure 40 feet long or more, and are often used in conjunction with buffering tanks, lagoons or activated sludge systems to improve clarification of organic solids.
On the massive outpouring of love and best wishes for the man who has become something of a folk hero to many, Daf added: "That's hardly surprising, there is a lot of love for him.
Robert Smith of Birmingham solicitors Thompsons confirmed that cheques were being distributed by consultants appointed by PWC after the administrators raised millions of pounds from the remaining Leyland DAF assets.
The MX engine was designed to satisfy new European emissions legislation and will be used in trucks sold under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates in both the North American and European markets.
With the support of the DAF funding, Starting Point is now developing develop a new job support service, offering support to local residents who have found employment to help them overcome barriers that can arise when starting a new job.
DAF said in a statement issued yesterday: "Today's case again illustrates the absolute necessity of maintaining a prudent approach in relation to the controls currently in place and emphasises the need for horse owners and trainers, veterinary practitioners, the department and all those associated with the equine industry, to continue to maintain a vigilant approach in the interests of containing this outbreak and eradicating EIA from Ireland.
According to the LTC's media department, General Manager Abbas Omran Musa met with a delegation from DAF to discuss the supply of DAF trucks to expand the State Company's fleet and renew its vehicles.
A donor to a DAF can retain the right to advise the DAF sponsor as to the ultimate recipients of the funds.
PACCAR manufactures heavy-duty trucks sold around the world under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates.