DAFLDanish Australian Football League
DAFLDirection des Affaires Financières et de la Logistique (French: Department of Financial Affairs and Logistics)
DAFLDallas Amateur Football League (Texas)
DAFLDu-Art Film Labs, Inc. (Detroit, MI)
DAFLDirective Authority for Logistics
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This broadened DAFL likely would be passed from the COCOM to the JTLC.
The JTLC/JFSCC provides a single command and control element, armed with DAFL, to ensure that joint logistics functions are executed in accordance with the EUCOM or JTF commander's priorities.
59) Therefore, any discussion on DAFL and how it is executed must include the information systems that enable C2 of logistics in a COCOM's theater.
So how does this all relate to the analysis of DAFL execution in OEF and OIF?
Thus, DAFL is derived from the COCOM authority of section 164.
Since DAFL is an element of command authority, its exercise also should be restricted to commanders rather than to staff elements such as the J-4.
If a COCOM determines that logistics processes within his theater can be better synchronized and more efficient, he can establish a JTLC in accordance with JP 0-2 and specifically authorize the JTLC to exercise DAFL on his behalf for as many common support capabilities as required to accomplish the JTLC's mission.
Therefore, while overall responsibility for logistics support remains with the individual service components, the COCOM may exercise DAFL to promote synchronization of logistics support.
Second, the use of DAFL potentially can result in unintended consequences.
Third, using "direct liaison authorized" or appointing coordinating authority are more appropriate than giving the supported CoCOM DAFL over--
Current doctrine is unclear on how DAFL might override existing Secretary of Defense designations of executive agents.
I conclude that DAFL (an invention of doctrine writers) is largely a single solution looking for an assortment of problems and not the other way around.