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DAFNEDose Adjustment for Normal Eating
DAFNEData Food Networking (Europe)
DAFNEDistrict Architecture for Networked Editions
DAFNEDouble Annular Factory for Nice Experiments
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DAFNE SCHIPPERS insisted she was running clean after taking World Championship gold in a time that saw her become the third fastest woman ever over 200m.
Dutch sprinter Dafne Schippers won the 200 metres in a world championship record of 21.
ZURICH: Dafne Schippers successfully started her European Championships week on Tuesday by cruising into the semifinals of the 100 meters, the first of three titles the Dutchwoman is chasing.
Compatriot Ajee Wilson emerged victorious in the 800, but Californian Allyson Felix had to settle for second place behind Dutch runner Dafne Schippers in the 200.
14) The San Jeronimo loa deploys mythological (Venus, Marte, Dafne, Amor) and allegorical (Afecto Religioso, Holocausto, Alegria) characters in a choreographed pageant, with some verses spoken and some sung, to render tribute to the viceroy and his consort.
The paraphrase that follows it confronts the vexing problem of Schutz's credentials as a truly "German" artist and examines the evolving view of Dafne as the beginning of an "artistically superior and nationally distinct" German operatic lineage that included Mozart, Weber, Wagner, and Richard Strauss.
Johnson-Thompson stands in fifth after six events, 42 points behind third place Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands after two personal bests in the long-jump and javelin and could snatch an unlikely medal in the final event of the competition.
Theisen Eaton earned the silver and Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands took the bronze.
Thompson will face off against teenage Dutch sensation Dafne Schippers in Estonia.
The Janacek Opera of the National Theatre Brno concluded the 2010/2011 theatre season in unconventional spirit-with a free reconstruction of La Dafne of 1598, regarded as the first performed in front of her Serene Highness the Archduchess of Tuscany in Florence, where it had been created in the circle of artists meeting in the palace of Count Corsi-Ottavio Rinucci's libretto on a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses has survived to this day.