DAFORDélégation Académique à la Formation (French: Delegation to Academic Training)
DAFORDerated Adjusted Forced Outage Rate (electric power production)
DAFORDominant, Abundant, Frequent, Occasional, Rare (ecology)
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At each mammal sampling location vegetation structure, composition and abundance (using the DAFOR scale, Kent & Coker, 1992) were assessed using 11 variables selected considering their importance in determining small mammal communities (see Grant et al., 1982; Chetnicki & Mazurkiewicz, 1994; Ecke et al., 2002).
(111) See, eg., Barbara Dafor Whitehead, The Divorce Culture 139-40 (1997) (noting that the dissolution of marriage makes parent-child bonds more difficult to sustain).
The DAFOR (dominant (5), abundant (4), frequent (3), occasional (2), rare (1)) scores for the main helophytes and submerged and floating-leaved plants recorded in the modern vegetation (M) and their representation by macrofossils (+) in surface sediments (F) of L.