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Heisman said DAFs' double-digit growth showed that the next generation wanted to be closely connected with their philanthropy.
For the new study, NPT examined a total of 1,016 Section 501(c)(3)-registered charities that sponsor and/or manage DAF accounts.
Advisors can now manage clients' DAF assets, with some DAF sponsors including American Endowment Foundation (AEF) at any amount, Fidelity and Schwab at $250,000 minimum, and community foundations and other sponsors typically at higher minimums.
Some have criticized DAFs because the money they accumulate far outstrips funds flowing in, prompting a recent report to label them "warehouses of wealth." Private foundations must pay out at least 5 percent of assets annually, but DAFs don't have a legal requirement for minimum payouts, and the big providers cite annual aggregate grantmaking of about 20 percent.
Further incentives include the fact that earnings on DAF assets grow tax-free, including sales on appreciated securities within the fund.
Traditional nonprofits, including hospitals, churches and United Way affiliates, are adding DAFs to their fundraising programs.
In the UAE, DAF Trucks has partnered with Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE), and it was at an ANGE event that PMV Middle East caught up with the both companies to discuss this dramatic re-entry into the region - a little over two decades since DAF trucks and buses were last major contenders in the UAE's commercial vehicles market, when they were well represented in governmental fleets.
* 68% said their DAF gave them time to research the charitable causes and organizations they wanted to support.
According to data compiled by NPT, each year since 2007 has seen payout rates of better than 20 percent by DAFs.
Although some of the commercial firms offer DAFs with minimums as low as $5,000, university funds usually set the bar quite a bit higher.
DAFs are a much simpler alternative to private foundations, which often require more administrative duties.
"Mae Dafs yn mynd trwy'r un peth a Sam ac felly mae'r ddau yn clicio gyda'i gilydd yn syth," meddai Carli De'La Hughes, yr actores 22 oed o Abertawe sy'n portreadu Sam.