DAFWADepartment of Agriculture and Food Western Australia
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Like the Ag Soil Zones, Hydrozones were derived from the regional soil-landscape and hydrology assessments conducted by DAFWA (2013).
Ca]) and the data were used to create a map of the proportion of samples below the DAFWA targets of [pH.
Hazard assessment was based on a combination of the inherent properties of the soil, determined from an interpretation of the DAFWA regional soil-landscape mapping (Schoknecht et al.
2004; DAFWA 2013) provided a consistent way of interpreting the data.
The Report Card was a collaborative effort, with numerous contributions made from both within DAFWA and outside, especially from the University of Western Australia and Precision SoilTech.
DAFWA (2013) 'Report card on sustainable natural resource use in agriculture.
DAFWA (2014) Investing in sustainable agricultural resource use-- reference metrics: a companion to the Report card on sustainable natural resource use in agriculture.
In consultation with DAFWA, Ms Jarvis developed a project to help new migrants find employment in the sector thanks to a grant from the WA Office of Multicultural Interests.
DAFWA is seeking drilling services for the extension of the NGR Borefield.
DAFWA has a great record in breeding premium apple varieties.
Ms Ryan said the app had been developed by DAFWA with funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), and it consolidated decades of the department s research and development on wheat, barley and canola production constraints.
DAFWA senior development officer Doug Sawkins has worked on the MyCrop project since it started more than three years ago, drawing on his 40 years of agronomic experience to develop the diagnostic key system central to the MyCrop app and its online web version.