DAFWADepartment of Agriculture and Food Western Australia
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Having an external agency conduct the UX review can provide DAFWA teams with clear direction for iteration, design and development.
DAFWA (2013) Report card on sustainable natural resource use in agriculture: Status and trend in the agricultural areas of the southwest of Western Australia.
Other members include Peter Nixon, chairman of the Ministerial Agricultural Advisory Committee; Mark Webb, acting Director General of DAFWA; biosecurity expert Kevin Goss; and senior representatives from the Department of Treasury and DAFWA.
The authors acknowledge funding from GRDC for the preparation of this review and support from CS1RO and DAFWA (Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia).
The first, Agricultural Soil Zones (abbreviated to Ag Soil Zones), is based on repeating patterns of soil and land types and derived from the regional soil-landscape assessments conducted by DAFWA.
A Deep ripping success stories plenary session includes speakers such as Bindi Isbister, of DAFWA, talking about deep ripping lessons learnt from 2015.
The CSIRO journals are heavily used by DAFWA staff and access to these journals is imperative to the work of departmental staff as they contain authoritative and peer reviewed journals that are not available anywhere else.
The successful Respondent is also required to provide cash collection, transit and deposit services twice a week between DAFWA and their local CBA Bank.
Contract awarded for DAFWA requires the provision of employee assistance program from February 2016 which will include a range of services - counselling, mediation, critical incident, workplace support and other support services - to Departmental staff in metropolitan and regional locations for a period of two (2) years with an option to extend for three (3) further one (1) year periods.
Past research supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has helped DAFWA refine native budworm monitoring and control guidelines, which are incorporated in an economic threshold table available by searching budworm on the DAFWA website.
Contract awarded for The Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) requires the services of a training supplier to develop, contextualise and deliver accredited Biosecurity Response training in consultation with the DAFWA Emergency Management Capability project.
DAFWA is seeking to establish arrangements with contractors to service, maintain and make minor repairs to keep this specialised equipment in good working order.