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DAGRDictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines (French: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities)
DAGRDefense Advanced GPS Receiver
DAGRDirect Attack Guided Rocket
DAGRDragon Alliance of Gamers and Role-Players (gaming group)
DAGRDissociated Agonist of the Glucocorticoid Receptor
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The Army recognized this challenge and established a policy in 2009 that called for procurement of embedded receivers, initiating the development of two devices known as the "HUB" and the "PUCK." In many cases, these new devices will enable the Army to replace up to five DAGRs in a vehicle such as a tank with a single embedded ground card.
The DAGR takes advantage of HELLFIRE II technology, integrating the 10-pound rocket into a 2.75-inch module.
Biopsies from the inside and outer edge of Dagr's nose tested positive for discoid lupus erythematosus.
Lockheed has been working on an even smaller weapon using the guidance section from DAGR. The 15-pound Shadow Hawk is meant for platforms the size of Shadow.
* Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver (DAGR), which replaces the Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver.
Warfighters are now turning to a 12-channel device known as the Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver, or DAGR, to get vital information.
Rifle 32, the apprentice working with Rifle 35, was operating a piece of equipment called the Digital Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), which is a newly fielded navigation tool that allows for, among other things, conversion between coordinate formats.
Briefings will include Electronic Support Activities; Electronic Attack Overview, by Jay Kistler, AT & L; Advanced Handheld Receiver Technology (DAGR); JDAM and Small Diameter Bomb AJ; JASSM AJ Status and Test results; Test Results (Woomera Test 04 Results) (GPS JPO); and High End AJ and Pseudolites-Lincoln Labs; and GPS Jammer Detection and Location (JLOC) using a Software GPS Receiver, by Dr.
Dagr Glyndwr will be presented to Corwen Town Council on Saturday, September 18, at 6.30pm before an event being held as part of the Gwyl Gwlad Glyndwr commemoration.
Rockwell Collins, a leader in military Global Positioning System (GPS) solutions, has been selected by the GPS Joint Program Office for full-rate production and delivery of Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGR) over the next eight years, commencing in November 2004.
Dagr es upp kominn, Ya ha despuntado el dia, dynja hana fjaorar zumban las alas del gallo, mal es vilmogum para los siervos es la hora at vinna erfioi; del trabajo duro; vaki a ok vaki despertad, despertad, vina hofuo, cabezas de amigos (11), allir enir oeztu todos los valientes Aoils of sinnar.
However, it is important to remember they are only labels and nothing more; genitive singular itself cannot serve as the decisive criterion here any more than, e.g., nominative singular in dividing Older Germanic languages into the dagr, dags, and daeg groups.