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DAGSDepartment of Accounting and General Services (Hawaii)
DAGSDallas Area Gerontological Society (Dallas, TX)
DAGSDemonstrator Application Grant Scheme
DAGSDo A Google Search
DAGSDalhousie Association of Graduate Students (California)
DAGSDirect Access Guarantee Scheme (Malaysia)
DAGSDaphne's Approximate Group of Students (Daphne Koller research; Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
DAGSData Architecture and Gateway Services
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Can we believe the DAGs? A comment on the relationship between causal DAGs and mechanisms.
The previous DAGs maintain their structure, however, the CAPE and PWC parameters are related to each other and incorrectly remain separated.
Figure 1 shows one (of many) DAGs that are consistent with these correlations.
To evaluate this empirical model, the research team analyzed 118 samples for FFA, PV, UV, PPP, DAGs, and sensory evaluation during a 30-month storage period.
Results on Layered DAGs. Our first set of experiments is based on layered DAGs, as shown in Figure 10 (0% [conjunction]-nodes) and Figure 11 (50% [conjunction]-nodes).
It uses link quality estimations and IEEE 802.15.4 is tailored to provide such information, so that better links are used in DAG formation.
On the contrary, higher values of both ox-TAGs and DAGs were detected in crude olive-pomace oil, although the difference with the corresponding virgin olive oil was significant (p < 0.05) only for DAGs, probably due to longer processing time and consequent air-exposure to which olive-pomace was subjected.
Lipotoxicity leads to the damage of organelles that are necessary for intracellular metabolic control, due to an excessive accumulation of lipid intermediates such as lipid-derived DAGs and ceramides [41].
In the former, ATGL bound on LD surface hydrolyzes TAGs to DAGs, and HSL, after translocation from cytosol to LDs, converts DAGs into 1-acylglycerols (MAGs), and finally monoacylglycerol lipase (MGL) hydrolyzes MAGs into free FAs (FFAs) and glycerol.
Such correlative profiling has revealed the following trends of a so-called "lipidomic signature" of extended longevity and delayed aging in mammals and humans: (1) a decreased extent of fatty acid unsaturation, which lowers both the double bond and peroxidizability indexes of different lipid classes; (2) declined concentrations of long-chain free fatty acids; (3) increased MUFA-to-PUFA ratio; (4) decreased levels of several sphingolipids, certain lysophosphatidylcholines and phosphatidylcholines, as well as highly polyunsaturated TAGs and diacylglycerols (DAGs); and (5) increased concentrations of some sphingomyelins and cholesteryl esters, as well as TAGs and DAGs with low extent of fatty acid unsaturation [81, 105-111].
The bottom line is that Dags has never let us down -- he makes things happen -- so we have confidence taking his initiatives and ideas straight to our clients."
As one task is required only after all of its predecessors are executed, these tasks with precedence constraints can be modeled as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), where the nodes and the directed edges represent the tasks and the communications between the tasks, respectively.