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DAGSDepartment of Accounting and General Services (Hawaii)
DAGSDemonstrator Application Grant Scheme
DAGSDo A Google Search
DAGSDalhousie Association of Graduate Students (California)
DAGSDirect Access Guarantee Scheme (Malaysia)
DAGSData Architecture and Gateway Services
DAGSDaphne's Approximate Group of Students (Daphne Koller research; Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
DAGSDallas Area Gerontological Society (Dallas, TX)
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Based on the DAG in Figure 1, the factorization pattern matrix M to decompose the VAR innovations can be specified as:
This factorization expresses the conditional independence properties inherent in the structure of DAGs, and is exploited in the efficient inference algorithms mentioned earlier, which reexpress the factorization on the DAG in terms of a factorization on another graphical structure called a junction tree.
If we assume that every vertex sends a (possibly null) update to its parent, the dag contains every edge in the elimination tree, directed from child to parent.
For each of these six Asian/Pacific DAGs we have four alternative DAGs to score on European markets (undirected flows between Germany and United Kingdom and Switzerland and France):
DAGs contain variables (also called nodes) and directional arrows between the variables (Figure 1).
then any Constable, or any of the said Officers may take such Armour from him for the Kings use, and may also commit him to the Goal; and therefore it shall be good in this behalf for these Offices to stay and Arrest all such persons as they shall find to carry Dags or Pistols, or to be appareled with Privy-Coats or Doublets .
31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- California based DAGS LLC today launched a new home based business opportunity at http://nulifecosmetics.
DAG Shah Khawar informed the court that under the 1970 Law of Central Law Officers, such persons could be appointed as DAGs who had the eligibility to become judges of the Supreme Court.
Med en specialisering inom den karaktEnrsdrivna action-genren har studion gjort sig mest kEnnd fE[micro]r sina spel som baserats pEN franchiset,"Asterix", titlar som till dags dato sENlt fler Enn 3 miljoner exemplar.
Salient features of path normalization algorithm can be explained from the sample DAGs shown in Figure 9.
It takes place at Noir in Victoria Street and features bands The Loose Kites - whose brand of alternative country music is described as the best thing since The Levellers - The Dags and a DJ.
Five minutes later Dags were back on level terms - Mackail-Smith had already been denied twice from six yards when he made it third time lucky with a right-footed volley.