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DAGSDepartment of Accounting and General Services (Hawaii)
DAGSDemonstrator Application Grant Scheme
DAGSDo A Google Search
DAGSDalhousie Association of Graduate Students (California)
DAGSDirect Access Guarantee Scheme (Malaysia)
DAGSData Architecture and Gateway Services
DAGSDaphne's Approximate Group of Students (Daphne Koller research; Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
DAGSDallas Area Gerontological Society (Dallas, TX)
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47), according to which causal graphs are DAGs where arrows represent causation.
The DAGS symposium program consisted of eight talks by invited speakers plus 13 contributed talks presenting a total of 22 papers (one invited talk spanned two papers).
Starting from a digraph representing a social community, different steps of preprocessing compresses the original digraph to a DAG.
As pointed out in [18], the cost of the computation of the Jacobian of f is proportional to the number of edges JEJ in the DAG (see next section).
Section 3 outlines the methodologies employed in the article, including an introduction to DAGs, and section 4 describes the underlying properties of the data series.
Furthermore, some algorithms were designed for specially structured DAGs such as a flee-tree [Coffman 1976; Hu 1961].
4 is tailored to provide such information, so that better links are used in DAG formation.
Latvian Flag has been implemented with the involvement of Galina Maksimova and Dags Vidulejs, organisers of the ART RIGA International Art Festival.
The second extensive test bed for comparative study is the DAGs of random graphs.
Alle veilederne gjennomgikk ogsa en dags opplaering, der det ble gitt innforing i bakgrunnen for intervensjonen, det teoretiske fundamentet og spesifikt rettede ovelser i a vaere veileder for denne pasientgruppen, blant annet ved bruk av gruppearbeid og rollespill.
Caribbean Export published the call for proposals for the accelerated and regular procedures grant facilities under the DAGS on January 17, 2014, with a deadline for submission of application on March 7, 2014, receiving 341 applications from across the region, of which 136 firms and BSOs were awarded grants.
Dead calves, gallons of pigs' blood and bags of sheep's dags (don't ask) are hefted into holes in the earth and covered over with soil liberally drenched in substances long ago banned by both Brussels and Geneva Convention.