DAHCDeutsch-Amerikanischer Herrenclub Mûnchen eV (German: German-American Men's Club Munich eV; Munich, Germany)
DAHCDurham Affordable Housing Coalition (North Carolina)
DAHCDistinguished Architectural Hardware Consultant (Door and Hardware Institute award)
DAHCDublin Academic Health Care (Dublin, Ireland)
DAHCDobson Ad-Hoc Committee (World Meteorological Organization)
DAHCDi-Ammonium Hydrogen Citrate
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Following the holiday closure of DAHC, the number of distributed coupons per recruit was increased from three to five in order to increase the rate of recruitment.
Holcomb, "A Study of Department of Defense Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Programs," Contract DAHC 15-73-C-304, Cambridge Massachusetts: Arthur D.
Lesniak, DAHC, is technical director for the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), Chantilly, VA.