DAHDDepartment of Animal Husbandry and Dairying (India)
DAHDDutch-American Heritage Day
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The fate of all poets really; Dahd Vid was unimpressed.
And so, Dahd Vid, sleepy because of his boredom, because of the sun, because of all the glowing bodies around him, he took off his shirt and, laying down on the bench, propped it under his head.
It made him feel dizzy, Dahd Vid went on, even though he'd been flat on his back.
In the end, Dahd Vid didn't find the bouzouki band.
I took the same bus Dahd Vid took to the corner where there was a statue and pigeons--their blinking eyes, their feathers, their necks swiveling in the late afternoon heat.
And then there were drums, and the sound of a pipe and even a rainstick, and I knew at last what Dahd Vid meant, why he said the music seemed imagined, that Anna Boubouli's music was like no other sound, that it was unreal in a very real way, which meant it was both, that these were the same, and I too felt dizzy and had to sit down: you can't hear such music for long.
So like Dahd Vid, I packed myself onto the first bus that pulled up to my side.