DAHWADestitute And Handicapped Welfare Association (India)
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Dr Khalid Daghlis, head of the Archaeology Department at SQU, told Oman News Agency (ONA), "The site at Dahwa was first discovered in 2010 by Dr Nasser Al Jahwari, with the assistance of a student, Waleed Al Muzaini, from the Wilayat of Saham.
Khalid Daghlis, Head of Archeology Department at SQU told Oman News Agency (ONA), "The site of Dahwa was first discovered in 2010 by Dr.
The areas of Dahwa, Wadi A'Sokhn and Al Thuqaiba where archaeological sites were discovered, are located about 26 km to the southwest of the centre of the Wilayat of Saham in the Governorate of North Al Batinah on the eastern sides of the slopes of the Al Hajar Mountains range.
It is believed that the place of manufacture of the pottery found in Dahwa is located in the central region of the Sindh valley in Pakistan, specifically the Mohenjo Daro region, where archaeologists found the largest city in the world dating back to the early Bronze Age (2500-2000 BC).
They were transported by larger boats to a port near the wilayat of Saham and then were carried on shoulders for 24km inwards through the edges of the Al Hajar Mountains to the Dahwa area.
Dahwa is located 24km west of the wilayat of Saham on the edge of the Al Hajar Mountain ranges.
The archaeological site "Dahwa" is the oldest settlement that has been discovered, so far in North Al Batinah.
The fact that Dahwa had contacts with Harappan civilisation was confirmed by the discovery of Indus valley style pottery and jars from the ancient settlement.
Meanwhile, one person was killed in another collision accident on the road to Dahwa area in the wilayat of Saham.
The accident happened when the driver of the vehicle moving on the road towards Dahwa area suddenly saw the other vehicle crossing the road in front of him.
Another collision occurred between two vehicles in the road to Dahwa area in the Wilayat of Saham.