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DAIADelegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas (Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations)
DAIADance Arts Institute of America
DAIADivisión de Análisis e Investigación Antinarcótica (Spanish: Narcotics Analysis and Research Division; Guatemala)
DAIADallas Association of Investment Analysts (Dallas, TX)
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It called for a joint investigation of the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center operated by DAIA.
Long-standing cooperation among FEARAB (Latin America), the Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina, DAIA and the AMIA ceased due to the August 2006 conflict between Hezbollah and Israel and related political developments.
When the distribution of these publications continued unabated, DAIA directly appealed to Peron, who offered only a bland, noncommittal response.
His boasts of empathy and assistance for Jewish refugees were essentially overblown rhetoric and, in spite of his promises of government understanding, DAIA had to continue to petition the Argentine government, even following Peron's demise in 1955, by calling for the removal of artificial barriers to immigration and a general amnesty, for illegal immigrants.
Tactfully, DAIA did not point to Peron's willingness to allow Germans, a number of whom were war criminals, into Argentina following World War II.
While DAIA did offer considerable funds for a legal defense, no lawyers were willing to jeopardize their careers, for fear of Peronist retribution.
During 2009, four poppy eradication operations were carried out by DAIA, the Guatemalan military, and the Public Ministry, with the USG providing provisions, logistics and intelligence support.
The DAIA reported an increase in anti-Semitic comments and graffiti.
In April, the DAIA also concluded an agreement with the City of Buenos Aires under which the organization will provide five publications promoting cultural and religious pluralism for distribution this year to public schools in the city.
Cooperation has been particularly notable between FEARAB (Latin America), representing Muslims and Christians of Arab origin, and DAIA, the political representation of Argentine Jewry, to prevent religious tensions stemming from political conflicts in the Middle East.
The DAIA Center for Social Studies publishes an annual study on Anti-Semitism in Argentina.