DAIEDirection des Affaires Internationales et des Échanges (French: Department of International Affairs and Exchanges)
DAIEDélégation aux Affaires Internationales et Européennes (French: Delegation to International and European Affairs)
DAIEDiffusion Auto Industrielle Électricité (French: Auto Industrial Electricity Distribution)
DAIEDiversity, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Equity (standards)
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Additionally, Matthew could overcome great distress as demonstrated in his youth by a severely broken leg; suffered perhaps, Harington postulates, because 'Sathan had forseene that he should one daie prove some excellent instrument of his Service that must bruise the Serpents head' (177).
Questoes de poder amostral decorrentes de amostras clinicas pequenas e da ausencia de grupos de comparacao (ex., Smith & Israel, 1987), defices na representatividade amostral das varias faixas etarias (ex., Daie, Witztum, & Eleff, 1989), metodos de recolha de dados suscetiveis de vies (ex., sondagens telefonicas tomando exclusivamente os pais das criancas como informantes; Finkelhor et al., 2006), entre outras, estarao seguramente implicadas na discrepancia das frequencias anteriormente referidas.
As Elizabeth's death approached, Southwell reports that the Queen suffered hallucinations, believing she had seen "in her bed her bodie exceeding leane and fearefull in a light of fire." Because of this, "the next daie she desired to see a true loking glass which in 20 yeares befor she had not sene but onlie such a one which of purpos was made to deceive her sight which glas being brought her she fell presently exclaming at all those which had so much commended her and toke yt so offensivelie, that all those which had befor flattered her durst not come in her sight" (Loomis 485).
DAIE, Rodrigo (2011): "Estado de Internet en Chile", en: http://www.comscore.com/esl/Insights/Presentations_and_Whitepapers/2011/State _of_the_Internet_Chile.
In the name of god amen The nineteenth daie of Auguste one thousand fiue hundrethe ninetie [one] twoe, and in the thirtie fourth yeere of the raigne of our soueraigne Ladie Elizabeth the Queenes mai'estie that nowe is &c I Simon Iewell beinge of good and perfecte memorie have sett downe heere in writinge as well suche seuerall sommes of moneie as are due to me as also suche seuerall sommes of money which I doe give in forme followinge that is to saie.
(1) James Kirton gent Director & orderer of the workes for her ma[tes] maske at Hampton Courte on the viijth of Januarie 1603 for soe much money by to him delivered, as parcell of ccxliij[li] xvj[s] ij[d] by vertue of A warrante signed by her hignes bearing date the xxth daie of lanuarie 1603 & heereafter in the title of extraordinarie paym[tes].
O mesmo foi observado para os indices de clorofila (Figura 1B), os quais decresceram ate aproximadamente 60 DAIE, com posterior incremento ate 112 DAIE e decrescimo ao final do experimento.
When "To Caroline.--A Lover's Oath" appeared in The Literary Gazette in 1822, it was one short poem crowded onto a page crammed with poems (by other unknown poets) such as "In a Meadow Green, at the Breaking of Daie," "By a maiden aunt of the family of C--.," "Sonnet To Ideal Beauty," "By the author of 'The Serpent,' an unpublished allegory," "Song" by J.
droppe the brynie teare wythe mee, Daunce ne moe atte hallie daie, Lycke a reynynge (*) ryver bee; Mie love ys dedde, Gon to hys death-bedde, Al under the wyllowe tree.