DAIGDeutsche Aids-Gesellschaft eV (German: German AIDS Society)
DAIGDepartment of the Army Inspector General
DAIGDeutsche Annington Immobilien GmbH (German equity company)
DAIGDeputy Assistant Inspector General
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Because Blum was within his direct chain of command, Adkins filed a formal complaint of discrimination, which turned into a tangled web of bureaucratic mismanagement between the Ohio Army National Guard, the NGB's Equal Opportunity Office, and the Department of the Army Inspector General's Office (DAIG).
Jude Medical's Daig Catheter division, based in St.
(55) For example, in the Army, the declination memorandum and PI will be forwarded through the Army Command/Army Service Component Command/Direct Reporting Unit and the DAIG Assistance Division to the DoDIG for approval.
Itin daig demesio skirta viduriniojo tasko ilinkiu ir plastiniu deformaciju energijai vertinti.
As I was mulling over this essay, the newspaper placard at the end of my road proclaimed, in pithy Basel-Deutsch, Alte Dramli haben dem Daig zu wenig Kultur--"[a museum for] old trams [is] not cultural enough for Basel's old wealthy families" (Daig = "the yeast that leavens the lump," a beautifully sardonic popular-dialect reference to claims of higher wisdom among people with inherited wealth).
''This will contribute to the DAIG program -- when you have stronger police, you have better security and when you have better security you can ask the illegal armed groups to deliver the weapon because there is no need to keep the weapons when there is security,'' Karzai said in defending the method.
For example, in his formal report on alleged abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Lt Gen Anthony Jones states that "emerging results from a DA Inspector General (DAIG) Investigation indicate that approximately 35% of the contract interrogators lacked formal military training as interrogators." (53) Although the DOD continues to investigate the Abu Ghraib incident, lack of training may have contributed to the problem.
108: "With Lazzeri and Crosetti still anchoring the middle infield, Lazzeri became Big Dago, Crosetti was Little Dago, and Joe was simply Dago, or Daig."
This is an apt name for a high-born North Briton in Roman service (perhaps in the cavalry), and is comparable with Pefr 'ardent one' as an epithet for early Welsh chieftains, as well as early Irish personal forms like Add 'fire', Daig 'flame', -gal 'heat, valour' (as in Aedgal 'fiery heat'), and -tene 'fire' (Lloyd-Jones 1947: 83-89; Charlesworth 1949: 44; Jackson 1955: 137-38; O Cuiv 1986: 12, 13).
Bard, Daig, EP Technologies, Medtronic and Biosense Webster (Cordis Webster).
Formerly-was president and CEO of Daig Corp., which designs, manufactures, and markets medical devices for cardiovascular applications.
For example, Joe DiMaggio, although known as "The Yankee Clipper" and "Joltin' Joe" by the media, was called "Dago" or "Daig" by his teammates and he didn't seem to mind.