DAILIDialysis Access Induced Limb Ischemia
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Traffic information regarding congestion, accidents and road diversions would be broadcast to the MIO Daili Navigators, which will analyse the data and display this on the navigator helping motorists to find the best route to their destination by avoiding congested roads on their way.
"Daili Bolixian zhishi Zhang Baoshu zeqiqianshucheng" [Report of Acting Governor of Boli Zhang Baoshu concerning the Date of the County Seat Move] (October 30, 1919), HS, 646.
According to the stipulations of the CPL, lawyers can perform two different functions in the criminal process: provide legal counsel (falu zixun) and defense representation (daili bianhu).
Levels of chlamydia and trichomonas were also lower than in high-prevalence populations and regions, though not negligible either (RamaRao et al, 1996; Zurayk, 1995; Kaufman, 1995; Grant and Measham, 1995; Daili, 1994; Faundes and Tanaka, 1992; Alvarez, 1992).
On the import side, the plan was replaced by the agency system (waimao daili zuejia), under which FTCs conducted imports on behalf of enterprises for an agency fee.