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DAISYDigital Accessible Information System (ANSI/NISO Z39.86 2002 standard)
DAISYDigital Audio Based Information System
DAISYDiabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young
DAISYDynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown (IBM)
DAISYDefense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) Automated Information System
DAISYDa Inner Sound Y'all
DAISYDefense Automated Information System
DAISYDisposal Automated Information System
DAISYDistributed Array of Inexpensive Systems
DAISYDatabase & Airport Information System (Airport Flight Information System)
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But it seemed that both his audacity and his respect were lost upon Miss Daisy Miller.
Winterbourne reflected for an instant as lucidly as possible-- "we" could only mean Miss Daisy Miller and himself.
Saxon saw Punch, the little, rough-coated Skye-terrier with the honest eyes (who had plodded for weary months), gone lame and abandoned; she saw Daisy, the chit of a child, hide Punch in the wagon.
But most vivid of all, Saxon saw the fight at Little Meadow--and Daisy, dressed as for a gala day, in white, a ribbon sash about her waist, ribbons and a round-comb in her hair, in her hands small water-pails, step forth into the sunshine on the flower-grown open ground from the wagon circle, wheels interlocked, where the wounded screamed their delirium and babbled of flowing fountains, and go on, through the sunshine and the wonder-inhibition of the bullet-dealing Indians, a hundred yards to the waterhole and back again.
'You romantic Daisy!' said Steerforth, laughing still more heartily: 'why should I trouble myself, that a parcel of heavy-headed fellows may gape and hold up their hands?
It would be worth a journey (not to mention the pleasure of a journey with you, Daisy), to see that sort of people together, and to make one of 'em.'
'Didn't you know THAT?' cried another Daisy, and here they all began shouting together, till the air seemed quite full of little shrill voices.
To which pathetic appeal daisy would answer with a coo, or Demi with a crow, and Meg would put by her lamentations for a maternal revel, which soothed her solitude for the time being.
" the prima donna sang, and "M'ama!", with a final burst of love triumphant, as she pressed the dishevelled daisy to her lips and lifted her large eyes to the sophisticated countenance of the little brown Faust-Capoul, who was vainly trying, in a tight purple velvet doublet and plumed cap, to look as pure and true as his artless victim.
'Cobb,' said Solomon Daisy, dropping his voice and appealing to the post-office keeper; 'what day of the month is this?'
"Yes; she is a peacock in everything but beauty," said Lord Henry, pulling the daisy to bits with his long nervous fingers.
But as she drooped, in silent grief, She heard little Daisy cry, "O sisters, look!