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DAKOTADesign Analysis Kit for Optimization and Terascale Applications (Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratories)
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STEPHEN Riggs, Presbyterian missionary to the Dakota Indians, anxiously awaited a letter from the American Tract Society.
According to the foundation, each year 139,000 people hunt in North Dakota, spending more than $100 million on lodging, food, gas and gear.
Dakota is currently in a residential program where he is settling in and learning how to interact in a positive way.
Though it is an action size shorter than the .300 Weatherby, the .300 Dakota can almost catch it in flight.
The upgrades to the South Dakota network made in 2009 include activation of seven new cell sites throughout the state and installation of performance-based equipment at 18 cell sites across South Dakota.
"Xcel Energy is committed to using drone technology in North Dakota and all the states we serve," said Chris Clark, president of Xcel Energy-North Dakota, in an August 21 press release.
This book describes the aftermath of the US-Dakota War of 1862, the experiences of Dakota people who became prisoners, and their survival and resistance.
Focusing on the four-year "postwar hysteria" that began after the US-Dakota War of 1862, the book recalls how government retribution began with the largest mass execution in US history and continued with the demonization and forced separation of Dakota families, eviction from their ancestral lands to country that "white people will never desire," and punishment, including a bounty on scalps, that brought on starvation, disease, and death to hundreds.
Proposed legislation in North Dakota that would establish invisible reinsurance pool for the individual health insurance market, unanimously passed the North Dakota House of Representatives, the state insurance department announced.
The Spirit Lake Reservation is the home of many Dakota people whose ancestors came from Minnesota in the 1860s.
Bus service for Fargo, North Dakota, and neighboring Moorhead, Minnesota, was suspended Thursday afternoon because of worsening road conditions.