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DALADéficit Androgénique Lié a l'Age (French: Age-Related Androgen Deficiency)
DALADigby Area Learning Association (Canada)
DALADepartment of Agriculture and Land Affairs (South Africa)
DALADepartment of Agriculture and Land Administration (South Africa)
DALADelta Amino Levulinic Acid
DALADade Association of Legal Assistants
DALADance Arts Los Alamos (est. 1992; Los Alamos, NM)
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Therefore all beings and entities partaking of a given data's tukwa are 'sacred' (bomaboma) to one another, making them 'closed' (katuboda) to members of other dala (or, in anthropological jargon, 'inalienable').
Dala has also somehow found time to be husband to wife Rosalind and father to young sons Christopher and Andreas, and to work with the Vancouver Bach Choir on presenting some exceptionally challenging programs.
7% in Dala Kraft in 2002 along with the acquisition of power company Ryssa Elverk AB.
The Dala granitoids formed from Gangdese-type magmas that assimilated approximately 50% crustal material from the Greater Himalayan Crystallines (GHC) and/or Tethyan Himalayan Sequence (THS) prior to emplacement at relatively shallow crustal levels.
Swedish utility company Dala Energi has ordered PacketFront's ASR5000 Access Router for its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network expansion in the municipality of Sater, the networking solutions provider said on Tuesday.
Dyma i chi ddwy: Da i olwg medelwr Yw lleuad sy'n dala dwer.
D is for Dala Horse" is a Nordic countries alphabet that presents beautiful pictures of scenes from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, and Svalbard, for every letter of the alphabet.
Swedish IT company Carl Lamm Holding AB (OMX Stockholm:CLAM) said on Tuesday (23 December) that it has agreed to acquire the document and printing solutions business of the Swedish company Dala Netcom i Mora AB.
The company has reported receiving in November a dividend of USD40m (net of Kazakh withholding taxes) from the Betpak Dala joint venture.
Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther, who together form the core of Dala, are talented vocalists, and together they are capable of creating achingly beautiful harmonies.
Canada: M Pyke; J Pritchard, C Culpan, D Spicer, D van Camp; R Smith, M Williams; D Pletch, P Riordan, S Franklin, J Jackson, M Burak, C Yukes, N Dala, S McKeen.