DALCDublin Adult Learning Centre (Ireland)
DALCDerbyshire Association of Local Councils (Derbyshire, England, UK)
DALCDover Adult Learning Center of Strafford County (Dover, NH)
DALCDenver Acquisition & Logistics Center
DALCData Access Logic Component
DALCDanse avec les Chiens (French: Dances with Dogs)
DALCDeployment Area Location Code
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The DALC after approval of the authority concerned would issue licenses for prohibited bore weapons, the KP government spokesman said adding that the new policy would introduce a transparent system in this regard.
Earphone-specific information was not available in the DALC database, but a DALC survey indicated that insert earphones were used in a little over half the evaluations.
In addition to the pure-tone audiograms, the DALC repository provided the ages of the participants, except for those 90 yr and older.
Finally, the DALC database provided no indications of the types, amounts, and durations of noise exposure experienced by each participant, which precluded any examination of the possible relations between noise exposure and the pure-tone audiogram.
In 2003, DALC (http://www.dalc-online.org) worked with over 200 individuals from 32 different countries in their ESL classes and tutorial program.
Acculturation is a central issue in ESL programming; thus, Berry's (2001) model of acculturation possibilities proved to be a useful tool in examining the structure of DALC's ESL programs, as well as my individual tutoring relationship.
For direct comparisons of survey responses to actual data, the DALC ROES was used, because this system retains a record of HAs ordered by VA audiologists.
Likewise, analysis of actual contract pricing indicates a similar grouping of three price points, each separated by at least a 7.5 percent margin (DALC data).
We also directly extracted the costs for hearing aids and batteries used by the study cohort from the DALC database.
Abbreviations: CES-D = Center for Epidemiologic Studies--Depression, DALC = Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center, DSS = Decision Support System, MCS = mental health component score, PCS = physical component score, SAI-WHAT = Screening for Auditory Impairment-Which Hearing Assessment Test, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
This section defines encounters by setting: outpatient, inpatient, and items mailed from VA's Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC).
An exception is the VA's DALC (formerly the Denver Distribution Center [DDC]), which provides prosthetics items to VA facilities but can also mail them directly to some individuals [18].