DALDDianzani Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Disease (also seen as ALPS)
DALDDotation d'Animation Locale Décentralisée (French: Decentralized Provision of Local Animation)
DALDDual-Actuator Logging Disk (computer architecture)
DALDDavid Atkinson Lighting Design Ltd. (UK)
DALDDream a Little Dream, Inc. (aka DALD Events; Ballwin, MO)
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Similar findings are reported for patients with ALPS or DALD, who show increased levels of serum OPN and an increased risk of developing the diseases in subjects carrying the OPN haplotype B or haplotype C causing production of high levels of OPN.
3-point goals: Abdul-Wadud 2, Bey, Dald 2, Frydricki, Kiupczak 2; Osorio, Perez 2, Colon, Figueroa 3.
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