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DALEDisability Adjusted Life Expectancy
DALEDrug Abuse Law Enforcement
DALEDirectorate of Ammunition, Logistics & Engineering
DALEDePaul Alliance for Latino Empowerment (Chicago, IL)
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So, taking a kind farewell, he hastened through the torch-lit path up to the light again; and, spreading his wings, flew over hill and dale till he reached the forest where Lily-Bell lay sleeping.
Up hill and down dale did they go, by straight ways and crooked, and when they reached the heights of many-fountained Ida, they laid their axes to the roots of many a tall branching oak that came thundering down as they felled it.
And a mighty big error ye would make of it, Mister Todd,” cried the landlady, “should ye be putting the mat ter into the law at all, with Joodge Temple, who has a purse as long as one of them pines on the hill, and who is an asy man to dale wid, if yees but mind the humor of him.
I've shut my eyes to a dale av dog's thricks to-day, an' now there must be no more av ut.
Are you asleep, or will you listen, and I will tell a dale dot you shall not pelief?
Before I begin my harum-scarum day-- grinding away at those books and instruments and then galloping up hill and down dale, all the country round, like a highwayman--it does me so much good to come and have a steady walk with our comfortable friend, that here I am again
Bright shone the sun upon the dusty highway that led from Nottingham to Lincoln, stretching away all white over hill and dale.
Our advanced line, already in action, could be heard briskly exchanging shots with the enemy in the dale.
It was a broad road, but not straight, for it wandered over hill and dale and picked out the easiest places to go.
To this high mountain-top the Tempter brought Our Saviour, and new train of words began:-- "Well have we speeded, and o'er hill and dale, Forest, and field, and flood, temples and towers, Cut shorter many a league.
What's the use of bragging about being from the North, or the South, or the old manor house in the dale, or Euclid avenue, Cleveland, or Pike's Peak, or Fairfax County, Va.
Dale, Spiggot, and Dale, of Threadneedle Street, indeed), who, having had dealings with the old man, and kindnesses from him in days when he was kind to everybody with whom he dealt, sent this little spar out of the wreck with their love to good Mrs.